In 2012, I ran my first half marathon. For 7 years prior to that, I gave myself every excuse that the furthest I’d ever run would be 3 miles. Not enough time to train, athletic asthma, hating running outside, not fit name it. It wasn’t until I joined a running group, had a coach, and followed a plan that I realized I was capable of much more than the imaginary distance I had capped in my head.

Running for 13 miles isn’t the answer for everyone, but for me, it was just the beginning of a gateway to a balanced, healthy lifestyle. As a former dancer, I was used to pushing myself in order to make the group better on stage. The rehearsals were at set times and competition days were brutally long. When that part of my life ended, running became the bridge to finding my own routines and habits but not without some initial help.

You’ve heard it all before, working out and eating well help us live our best lives. But whether you’re a former athlete or just beginning your journey of wellness, what kind of push do you need? We’re outlining two of our recommend paths to keep yourself accountable towards reaching your goals.

Personal Training

  1. If you’re new to working out and/or don’t know proper technique, you might need a personal trainer. In a world of free Instagram and Pinterest workouts, direct coaching and feedback is the only way to know you’re spending your time in the gym effectively.

  2. If you have goals, but have no idea how to reach them, you might need a personal trainer. I’d love to take a road trip to the Grand Canyon, but chances are I’ll get pretty lost without a map or GPS. A personal trainer will write out the plan to help you reach those goals.

  3. You’re fired up about your goals, but you typically spend your energy helping others over yourself - it’s time for a personal trainer. Not only are we super smart, but we’re also your biggest cheerleader, tough-love giver, and accountability buddy. A trainer is there to celebrate the wins and push you on the days you’re just not feeling it.

Group Fitness/CODE/Group Training of any other kind

  1. If you’re new and the thought of working out evokes a sense of existential dread - group fitness might be a great option. Humans are social beings and when your workout includes other smiling faces, a great playlist, and/or a goofy coach, your day can only get better. If you can find a way to make fitness fun, you’ll be more likely to stick to it in the long run.

  2. You know what to do, but you’re bored, stuck, or unmotivated - group workouts may be for you. It’s literally our job as coaches, to push you more than you’d push yourself, get you out of your comfort zone, and again, scream and shout when you hit that next PR.

  3. You’re competitive - yeah, group workouts are definitely for you. There’s nothing quite like the motivation of others pushing their hardest around you to fuel the fire within. Even if it’s not a competition to “beat” someone else, but just the idea of being better than yourself - workouts like CODE especially provide the space to constantly improve.

No matter how you get there, just move. If there’s one thing all the Community Wellness Managers at LC agree on, it’s that establishing a habit of exercise means we can enjoy our lives for years to come. How you get there is up to you!

~Kirstin Henry, MPH

Community Wellness Manager, LC Kentucky

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