The New Year is upon us, and so are those resolutions we have committed to. Whether your goals are to start a workout routine for the first time or to build upon one you have previously started, we could all use some help in getting there. We all have different goals when it comes to fitness, but we all benefit by achieving the same fundamentals and catering them to meet YOUR needs. The most important part of any routine we engage in life can always be traced back to balance. There’s 3 important keys to balancing out our workout routine: time, variety, and discipline.

  1. Time: When choosing a workout routine you want to make sure first that the routine adequately fits your life schedule, but doesn’t  overrun it. You don’t need 2-3 hours/7 days a week to exercise, so start small. Carve out 30-45 minutes a day at least 3 days a week to get that jumpstart that you need. You can accomplish this by hiring a personal trainer or taking a group class; most don’t run any longer than 60 minutes at a time. The important part about your time in the gym is to make the minutes matter. If you’re doing cardio, make sure you’re staying in your target heart rate zone for ample amounts of time to really see some change. If you’re a lifter, be sure that you’re fatiguing out towards those last few 2-3 repetitions of each set.

  2. Variety: Variety is the spice of life! Sure, many of us get into a routine and follow it quite religiously, but for how long? Spice up those workout routines that you never stuck to because you got bored. If you’re someone who traditionally workouts alone, take a class with others. If you only take classes, hire a personal trainer to focus on those toned arms and legs you’ve always wanted, but couldn’t get solely from a spinning class. There are many resources out there in the exercise world that allow us to embrace variety in exercise style; CrossFit, HIIT, and tabata are some of the new waves just to name a few. Get out there and switch it up!

  3. Discipline: It’s easy to say what goals we want to accomplish, but nothing is as satisfying as seeing those same goals actually get accomplished. A good deal of discipline goes into any type of workout routine. Yes, there will be days when we don’t “feel like” going to the gym, or we’re just “too tired”. Remind yourself on a daily basis why you set your goals and picture yourself reaching them every single time you have a moment of doubt. Write your goals down on a dry-erase board or on post-it notes and put them around your house. Hold yourself accountable by making that gym appointment on a day you’re tired, or substituting that pizza for a grilled chicken salad. If you’re not good at holding yourself accountable then find a friend, family member, community wellness manager to keep you in line! However you can find a way to stay in your routine, make it happen this year.

Make 2019 YOUR year.

-John Runyon,

CODECODE Germantown