It’s normal to favor things in life, just like it’s normal to dislike certain things in life (for me: cauliflower… Yes I’m a Wellness Manager with a dislike of cauliflower to an extreme level). What happens when we neglect those things we dislike? When we don’t find something to supplement it with? Have you ever heard of the saying “friends don’t let friends skip leg day”? That is a prime example of what happens when we neglect, or favor, things we like and dislike. We become imbalanced. The scary part is that this goes far deeper than our aesthetic and physical appearance.

When it comes to fitness the word “balance” not only includes what muscular regions we train, it can include how we train. Do we focus on just cardio? Just strength? Just light weight and high reps, like muscular endurance? Are we a die-hard yogi only? It’s important to stay well rounded in all aspects of out life. I don’t think any of us want to be 70 years old and feel well, but not be able to stand up out of our car and carry our groceries to our front door. It’s all about balance. We all know the benefits of the various types of training. Flexibility is good for a full range of motion in our movements and can prevent injuries. Cardio is good for heart health and supports fat loss.  Strength is good for building muscle. Muscular endurance is good for keeping our muscular fatigue down so we can keep using our muscles. So why pick just one? We wouldn’t pick just all lettuce at the store but no veggies or protein to top our salad.

This is one of the many things that makes CODE a great workout. We bring every aspect of physical fitness into a one hour workout. We start with what we call a “buy in” to get your blood flowing and your muscles moving. Then we take it to the ‘strength’ portion of class, in which we focus on weighted movements and resistance training. The cardiovascular portion of the workout includes raising the heart rate up and breaking a serious sweat! This can be a mix of as many rounds as possible, high reps, every minute on the minute, etc. Lastly, we finish with stretching for some flexibility work in our cool down. At CODE, we don’t just focus on physical fitness. Our workouts are the one hour that affects your other 23 hours of the day. Balance right? We always have a question of the day to get your mind working and thinking. All of our workouts have a partner component to help build connections, and sometimes, even lasting friendships. Whether you work out at 6am or 6pm, you’re guaranteed to see how this one hour workout will help affect other aspects in your life; thus bringing balance.

-Dallas K., Nashville TN