All of our coaches are professionally certified and carefully chosen to our team that will support our member’s health and wellness goals. They are available for personal training, small group training and group fitness instruction. They support a balanced, healthy lifestyle and are ready to help you reach your goals.

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Nashville | Team Member since 2018

Devin trains with power lifting moves, plyometric training and cardio circuits, balancing out the exercise with tacos and margs. Both help him achieve his daily fitness goal of looking good and feeling good. When he’s not in the gym, he is taking on Spartan Races and fantasy video games, hiking and hanging out with friends and wishing he had an extra hour in the day to read.

“Fitness is like a relationship. You can’t cheat and expect it to work.”

Devin’s favorite thing about working in the fitness industry is being a part of the progress of his clients. “It’s always great to see clients get where they want to be physically. It’s even better seeing the emotional health grow.”



Nashville | Team Member since 2017

Vasey’s personal training style is aggressive: he loves power cleans, HIIT, building muscle and any workout where he feels like he could die at the end of it. He is a guy that is continuously challenging himself and others to be better versions of themselves. He works to build himself and others up.

The truth is typically seen, not heard”

When he is not exercising, playing sports or trying new things and has free time, he would do more yoga and treat himself by eating freely. If you’re looking for someone motivating to be on your team and push you, he’s your go-to guy.



Nashville | Team Member since 2018

Dallas is constantly on the move, usually dancing, walking her dogs or working towards her 200-hour yoga teacher training. Her bright personality brings energy to the gym for her favorite workouts with HIIT, squats and running stairs. She is really focusing on a holistic approach to overall wellness, and seeks exercise as a way to accomplish something good for herself.

“Perseverance is rooted in hope. We persevere when we believe that what awaits us is worth the fight.”

Dallas supplements her personal workout with long walks with her dogs, and treats herself with a good Netflix binge and snacks. She is constantly looking for growth and shares her good spirit with those around her.



Columbus | Team Member since 2015

Anthony is a recreational sports junkie, loves to be outside playing softball, golf, biking or really any sporting event. He also loves going to concerts and trying new restaurants. As much as he loves to be out and about, he also equally enjoys hanging at home with friends and family.

“Live in the moment.”

A college baseball player in his past life, Anthony loves the process of working out and pushing himself for the growth that comes mentally and physically in the gym.



Columbus | Team Member since 2015

Eunice has been a part of the original crew that developed CODE from the beginning. If you find yourself flat on the floor after a workout, she designed it. If you hear a coach’s motivational push that makes you think twice, she wrote it. She believes the lessons we learn inside the gym transfers to every other aspect of life, making us bolder and braver to tackle challenges head on.

“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Eunice plays sand volleyball, hikes, runs, reads, bakes, watches sports, bikes, cooks, volunteers, leads, everything. She is constantly on-the-go looking to get more out of life, and that’s what we’re all about.



Columbus | Team Member since 2018

Andrew is the most positive person you will ever meet and spending an hour with him during a workout will make everything in life better. He LOVES helping people, through workouts, accomplishing goals or just being a person to talk to. He enjoys the process and really appreciates the day-to-day routines and relationships that are built in it.

Remember who YOU are.”

Andrew enjoys life to the fullest: golf, karaoke, sports, trying new foods, hanging out with his wife and their dogs Waltor “Payton” and Minnie Minoso, leisure sports and, more than anything, helping people.



Columbus | Team Member since 2018

Outside of being very fast and a talented boxer, Jordan likes to develop many talents he keeps secret until his work gets out and impresses everyone; he and his wife perform live music at local happy hours in downtown, he snaps professional-level photography, and manages the content of our team’s Discovering Wellness podcast and blog.

“My favorite part of my work is changing routines and helping others become more positive and healthy.”

Jordan loves hiking, hunting, eating burgers with avocado and enjoying his time with his wife and their dog.

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Columbus | Team Member since 2018

John’s style of workout is based in traditional strength, but can hybrid into HIIT for a good sweat. He finds it very rewarding to help others by doing what he loves in fitness. It is a small escape from the world for an hour or two during the day.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

When John is not in the gym, he’s usually at home trying to keep up with his puppy and taking him for walks to the park. He treats himself with a good ol’ Netflix binge and Mellow Mushroom pizza.

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Louisville | Team Member since 2015

Kirstin is our team public health enthusiast and advocate. There is no one that believes in community sidewalks and refillable water bottles more than her. When she is not running half marathons, she is adventuring; camping, skiing, playing volleyball, kayaking, hiking, leading marching bands and more.

“It is not the length of life, but the depth of life.”

Kirstin tore her ACL in 2016, and until that point never realized how much exercise made her feel good until she couldn’t move at all. Now she loves helping others find their best selves through working out.



Nashville | Team Member since 2019

Deanna has been an athlete her entire life and considers the gym to be her happy place. She wanted to turn her passion into a career, so she pursued a personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Since then, she has had the opportunity to attain certifications in nutrition and women’s fitness and to train individuals and groups in HIIT, Bootcamp, Dance Fitness, Kickboxing, Flexibility and more. Her goal is to help everyone improve their overall health and find self-confidence through fitness, nutrition, accountability and motivation.

“The best investment you will ever make is in your own health.”

Deanna enjoys dancing, aerials, hanging out with her husband and his family, playing with her dog and binge-watching her favorite TV shows.

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Columbus | Team Member since 2014

Stef lives and works to inspire others towards becoming better versions of themselves and getting more out of life. She believes that it begins in the gym, where we test our self-discipline, respect, perseverance and effort on a daily basis, ultimately growing ourselves to give more to what we do outside of the gym. She seeks opportunities to learn and grow from new experiences, challenges and connections, to constantly be chasing the next level of personal growth to grow her impact of what she can give to others.

“Make the minutes matter.”

Stef enjoys working out, cooking kale, drinking cold brew, traveling and road-tripping, live music, trying new things, recreational sports and creating awesome times with friends and family.


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