Only 30 percent of Americans complete the recommended amount of physical activity per week on a regular basis. CODE was created to crush that stat, to help the individuals in our communities lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Months of research went into what a balanced fitness routine is, how routines and habits are formed, how self-discipline and commitment is developed. That work created the foundation of what our CODE program was built on, but we realized the physical workout was only a single factor that plays into an individual’s complete well-being. Truly living a balanced, healthy lifestyle doesn’t end in the gym when the bell rings; it continues in the nutrition choices we make, how we manage our sleep and stress, how we interact with others. It is assessed in the way we move, but also in the way we speak, think and connect. During the development of CODE, we decided we are working towards an even bigger vision: to improve the well-being of our individuals and our communities physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

We want to build a community of people that want to work to get more out of life. Human beings learn through exploration, exercising curiosity and discovery for the new and unconquered. CODE is designed to be challenging, both physically and mentally. There may be equipment or workouts that are new or intimidating, but we believe growth only happens when you work outside of your comfort zone, and you have teammates and coaches to support you through the journey. We believe the determination, self-discipline, patience, compassion and teamwork our members earn by choosing to workout with us every day builds self-respect and respect for others, a self-confidence that translates to how we move, work, connect and live outside of the gym walls. All that we ask of our members is that you give all you can, with the most effort and positive attitude that you have, in the time that you have.

We are not set out to revolutionize fitness, create new exercises or re-invent group fitness. We are set out to see how a one hour workout can make the other 23 hours of your day better. We are connecting a group of like-minded individuals that want to make themselves better, and seeing if the strength of one person can make the one working beside them stronger. We are working towards building a healthy community within a community, and seeing if it makes our country more healthy. We spend our time making sure the one hour you spend in the gym makes the other 23 hours of your day better. What you give in CODE, you will ultimately get back outside the gym walls.



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